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We confess we were a bit taken aback by James Brady's fawning Forbes column on Bonnie Fuller today, "Queen of the Tabloids." He goes on and on about what wonderful things Bon-Bon has been doing with Star, and we were pretty sure the CW was that the Star makeover hasn't been a huge success, that Bonnie wasn't making her bonuses, and that things were looking grim, too, for AMI boss David Pecker. (Indeed, we were cocktailing last night with a media commentator much cleverer than us, who suggested we start a David Pecker Death Watch.) Also, we thought Monday's announcement that six of AMI's dozen titles, including Star, would miss their rate base wasn't so much a good thing.

But, then, we'd also recently learned that Brady is a hell of a lot more accomplished and experienced that we'd ever realized, so we thought that maybe he was right and we were wrong.

Then we got to this bit:

Bonnie gave Cosmo a much needed shot in the arm, then promptly deserted to the enemy, Cosmo's rival, Glamour, at Cond Nast. There were rumors she was using Glamour to get the job at Bazaar. Instead, she snubbed Cond Nast for irascible Jann Wenner's Us.

Here's the thing: Even though we're not Yale-certified journalists, we're quite confident that "snubbed" is not, technically speaking, a synonym for "got fired by."

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