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· More The CW fallout: Fox is still trying to figure out what to do with their nine UPN stations in top markets, while other affiliates lash out with public defiance: "The strength of KQCA is not solely dependent on the WB Network programming for success. We will develop a new strategy for the station, which will include new programming, new content and a new station identity." Right on! Fuck you, Gilmore Girls! [Variety]
· Sony reports a 17.5% quarterly profit (mainly on the strength of video games and fancy TVs), looks hopefully to a 2006 in which its movie operation isn't a gigantic disaster. [THR]
· Warner Bros will remake the 1944 thriller Gaslight with Pride and Prejudice director Joe Wright, but with a modern twist: The studio hopes to lure Jennifer Aniston to play a jilted woman slowly being driven insane by her ex-husband and his new girlfriend's incredibly public displays of affection. [Variety]
· Fox's American Idol continues its completely mundane obliteration of everything in its path. [THR]
· Still more Sundance deals: Lionsgate buys thriller Right At Your Door for $2 million, IFC shells out $1 mil for the documentary Wordplay. [Variety]