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If we say our prayers and wish upon every star in the sky, Rosie O Donnell will once again delight audiences with her subtle, nuanced acting. The recently-militant lesbian is said to be in the process of developing a sitcom with her friend, writer Alice Hoffman, in which she will play an Erma Bombeck-like Newsday columnist. While there's no official deal confirmation, Fox News' Roger Friedman reports that the show is in development and O'Donnell's character "will be gay and will have lost her lover to breast cancer." Oh, and she'll talk to her dead lover while writing her column. In the spin-off, the dead lover will help Rosie write her blog.

When we fantasize about this show (and you know we are), we imagining the Ghost Whisperer crossed with Everybody Loves Raymond — but take the earnest, hard-working male sports reporter navigating through life in a kooky dysfunctional family, and replace him with a pudgy butch columnist who talks to dead people. As long as O Donnell s wardrobe consists of giant pink shorts, baggy t-shirts and Blossom s hat, we re predicting this thing is comedy gold. Newsday should be proud.

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