After experiencing immense backlash for writing a letter comparing the treatment mega-rich in America today to the persecution of Jews during Nazi Germany, Tom Perkins is furiously backpedaling — or at least, attempting to do so.

In a series of interviews with Bloomberg, Perkins somehow manages to reassert his thesis that there's a war on the one percent and brag that he could buy "six Rolexes" with the watch on his wrist before offering up several non-apologies and explanations for his ill-received rant. Additionally, he tells us that his friend and cofounder Eugene Kleiner, who fled Austria to escape Hitler, would have agreed with him:


He also claims to regret his use of the word "Kristallnacht," amongst other things, saying, in a voice one might use whilst telling a story about some mischievous teenagers who went a little too far during their Senior Prank, that he used that particular word


because during the 'Occupy' of San Francisco — the 'Occupy Wall Street' crowd — they broke the windows in the Wells Fargo Bank, they marched up to our automobile strip on Van Ness Avenue, and broke all the windows in all the luxury car dealerships.

His motivation to write the op-ed in the first place, he says, "came from the most recent attacks by the San Francisco Chronicle on Danielle Steel. It all started with complaints about the height of the hedge around her house." This reasoning makes sense, because when someone complains about your ex-spouse's shrubbery, the best thing to do is write a heavy-handed defense of rich people in a widely circulated national newspaper.

Another key quote from the interview: "So I thought since I'm a knight — I'm a literal knight of the Kingdom of Norway — I would get on my horse and charge forth in her defense." And, also, in defense of rich people everywhere. Huzzah!

Anyway, Perkins is a fool, and somehow comes off as even more condescending and awful than he did before. File under: dudes who still don't get it.

[via Bloomberg]