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Chatter that suddenly cash-rich agency ICM has bought/is about to buy Official Agent Dance Mascot Ari Emanuel and all of his pals at Endeavor seems to be reaching a pitch that could shatter the office watercooler. We've heard that it's a done deal, that the deal is "practically" done, that it's "imminent," that assistants at agencies are already panicking about layoffs, and that Emanuel has locked his office door so that he can light a pile of hundred dollar bills on fire just to to see if he can hear Ben Franklin scream. (Perhaps our speculation about the possibility of an acquisition descended into fantasy at the end there, but you get the point. People are talking.)

So at the risk of making the noises in the rumor echo chamber bounce around even louder, that's what we're hearing. We suspect we won't know the truth until a press release hits, but in the meantime: Developing...

UPDATE: ICM denies!