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The NY Post reports that there is still hope that the new network Frankenstein that will be stitched together from the rotting parts of UPN and The WB might be spared from its unfortunate name:

WORD is that the name of the new network created by the merger of the WB and UPN — the CW — does not have long to live.

Execs at the new net say there may be a change, despite the insistence of CBS boss Les Moonves that they'd stick with the clumsy name.

While this seems like good news for those of us whose ears ring every time the clunky moniker hits it, we're reluctant to question the CBS Corp. CEO's resolve if he's wedded to The CW. Any employees who question the quality of the name will find themselves attending mandatory "branding" seminars, where the network's logo will be seared onto their buttocks with a red-hot iron. And just because that's how Moonves rolls, they'll return to their cubicles to discover a memo admitting that he's had second thoughts about the name and announcing an immediate change.