Oof. Toby is a 33-year-old who says he has spent $100,00 on about 100 plastic surgery procedures in the hope of resembling Justin Bieber. Oof. Toby came upon this idea when he was 28, saw his face aging, and "didn't know what to do." Oof. Now he travels around Los Angeles asking people, "Do I remind you of anyone?" Sometimes he does a little Bieber-esque head tic to emphasize his side swept 'do, a hairstyle that Bieber abandoned several years ago at this point. Oof oof oof.

Toby does not look like Justin Bieber. Toby was the subject of last night's My Strange Addiction season finale. Oooooooof.

Also featured on the show was Brittoni, a young woman with a taste for eye shadow, especially the metallic variety. She revealed her "addiction" to her mother and sister over their normal breakfast of coffee and donuts with baby powder sprinkled on them. Seriously. Then Brittoni's baby powder-eating relatives then had the nerve to judge her for eating makeup.


This scene could be as fake as much of this season has seemed to be, but it is surreal all the same. If someone's mind devised all of this, it is a beautiful mind.