"I know you don't know," Chinese search company Baidu tells Google, dancing circles around it in this viral video. After the jump, I'll tell you what the hell Baidu is saying.

Right. Here's Sam Flemming's translation:

Foreigner: I know! Heh heh.

Tangbohu (a famous Chinese clever guy): Hahahaha~~ You may not know!

Tangbohu: I know you don t know. I know you don t know I know. YOU DON T KNOW.

Foreigner: I know!

All: Ei? [audience is surprised at Foreigner's seeming agreement with Tangbohu that the foreigner does NOT know (as in does not "get it"]

Foreigner: Ei!I know!

Tangbohu: Not necessarily. I know you don t know me, I know you don t know me, haha~ I know you don t know!

Foreigner: I know!

Tangbohu: I know that you don t know I know. You don t know that I know you don t know!

Meanwhile, Tangbohu is marking up this page of gibberish with punctuations, showing that Baidu — unlike any edition of Google — recognizes when a thought ends. Clever, actually.

Baidu knows that Google doesn't know what Google doesn't know in China