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Because "blogs" are increasingly "valid," FishbowlNY got some time with the Times' jolly Op-Ed man Frank Rich. And what was discussed during this valuable opportunity? Showtunes. Oh, excuse us — the NYC media's showtune agenda. Don't laugh: we'd do the exact same thing. Our dream list of equally compelling list of topics we'd throw at the Op-Ed team:

Maureen Dowd: NYC media's designer shoe agenda
David Brooks: NYC media's power tie agenda
Thomas Friedman: NYC media's moustache agenda
Nicholas Kristof: NYC media's frequent-flier program agenda
Paul Krugman: NYC media's beard-trimming agenda
John Tierney: NYC media's recycling agenda
Bob Herbert: NYC media's undereye cream agenda

Frank Rich on Showtunes, Blogging and What's Butchering Broadway [FishbowlNY]