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Jesus H. Christ. Two corrections in the same edition? Shit. Who could imagine such a thing? Certainly not us, which is why we missed the second one the first time around.

Not only did Saturday's Times correct A-Stan's UPN error of two and half weeks prior — which made pretty clear she didn't really pay attention to the show she was reviewing — but it also issued this correction, which makes pretty clear she doesn't really pay attention to anything:

A television review on Jan. 17 about "Love Monkey," a new CBS series, misstated the title of a collection of Bob Dylan recordings that a woman gives to the hero. It is "The Essential Bob Dylan," not "The Ultimate Bob Dylan."

Because, of course, "The Ultimate Bob Dylan" doesn't exist. Which we just double-checked in about 10 seconds at — an easy reference website of whose existence, like that of, Stanley is clearly unaware.

This two-in-one milestone brings us, finally, to our Jon Landman moment: We think they have to stop Alessandra from reviewing television for The Times. Right now.

UPDATE: Oh, the glory of it all! The correction on the Times site links not to Alessandra's Jan. 17 review of Love Monkey, which contains the Dylan error, but to Neil Genzlinger's Jan. 15 TV section cover on the show, which does not. And so our point is even more valid: There's a cancer on the Times, and it's growing.

Corrections: January 28 [NYT]
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