Just like Christmas Day and Thanksgiving, porn viewership was down significantly during the Super Bowl, especially in Denver and Seattle, where the number of viewers on PornHub dropped 51% and 61%. Across the country, porn watching was down about 32% during the game.

The excitement leading up to the Super Bowl also led to a noticeable drop, with 11% and 18% decreases in Denver and Seattle and a six percent drop across the country. That's a lot less porn!


Post-game, the numbers went back up everywhere except Seattle and Washington, where—because everyone was out celebrating instead of masturbating—the numbers were 17.2% and 11.3 percent lower than usual.

Sad residents of Denver and Colorado as a whole took solace in their porn, though, cranking their numbers up 10.8% and 7.6% over average. Post-game porn watching was up about four percent country-wide.