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Tom Cruise's unforgettable 2005, a seemingly endless procession of choreographed public displays of affection, down-with-psychiatry diatribes, and unconvincing fiancée-inseminations (OK, that happened only once, but it felt like Holmes was getting knocked up anew each week), was recognized by the Razzies, the annual celebration of everything that went wrong in Hollywood:

Tom Cruise earned three Razzie nominations, as worst actor for "War of the Worlds" and two of the five slots in a new Razzies category for most tiresome tabloid targets. Cruise was nominated there for his anti-psychiatry rant and for his very public romance with Katie Holmes.

"He had been a very private person up until this past year," said Razzies founder John Wilson. "It certainly was a bizarre turn in terms of how he handles his personal life and the access that he gave the media to himself. The endless posing on the red carpet and just smooching like they were on the couch at home."

While we're not convinced that Cruise's (onscreen) performance really warranted public shaming alongside fellow nominees Jamie Kennedy and Rob Schneider, we definitely didn't buy him as Dakota Fanning's dock-working dad. We imagine the blooper real is full of fun outtakes of Teamsters scattering while Cruise demolished expensive sets, stubbornly insisting that the Dianetics chapter "On the Operation and Total Mastery of Heavy Machinery" was all the training he needed to safely manipulate a ten-ton crane.