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Other Scary Hollywood Lawyer (and recent Defamer penpal) Marty Singer has fired a warning shot across the bow of The Smoking Gun, trying to head off a potentially embarrassing situation for an unnamed client who was a little careless with her diary. An excerpt from the legal letter:

Our firm represents a celebrity whose date planner/diary/personal journal was stolen. A police report has been filed and the police are currently investigating this matter. I am putting you on notice that if you publish any information from this stolen date planner/diary/personal journal, you will be exposed to substantial liability for copyright infringement and violation of right of privacy, Furthermore, if any monies are paid for the purchase of information that is contained in this date planner/diary/personal journal, you will be engaged in the purchase of stolen property.

As TSG helpfully points out, the tragic heroine of the Curious Case of the Purloined DayRunner is likely Lindsay Lohan; according to the NY Daily News' Ben Widdicombe (who's cruelly withholding his copy of the pages), Lohan scribbled song ideas as well as notes about Jared Leto and Hollywood man-whore-about-town Adam Levine in the diary (imagined sample entry: 1/23/06: Dear Hello Kitty: Jared is such a hottie!!! but I think I want to hook up with Adam to make him sooo jealous! Possible song title: What Jared Does 2 Me I Will Do 2 Adam 4ever), which was returned to her with pages missing. Perhaps everyone would have been better served if the lawyers hadn't made so much noise about the journal's existence, which probably would've been indistinguishable from that of any boy-crazy 11-year-old obsessed with reruns of My So-Called Life and Maroon 5's power ballads.