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We thought we were joylessly slogging through yet another "Are you (or is your current character) exactly like/nothing like you (or your last character)?" story, this time about Jenna Elfman and her new sitcom, Courting Alex, when we came across this passage about Elfman's level of involvement in the project:

At the bustling CBS lot in Studio City, Elfman chats on a sofa on the set of Alex's apartment. The couch is very chic off-white, decorated with polka-dot mocha and teal cushions, which pick up on the over-all decor of the room. Elfman's involvement in every aspect of the show even extends to color coordination.

"I picked the paint," she says, explaining how she worked closely with the production designer and set decorator. "I wanted to raise the aesthetic value of the sitcom many notches because, 'Why not?' … I wanted to juxtapose timelessness and modern throughout the entire show in set design, wardrobe, casting …"

Elfman's got a producing credit on the series, which seems to entitle her to a certain degree of helpfulness in all aspects of the production. This is probably good news for the other producers, writers, and crew members who invariably just love it when one of their stars take credit for their work; when she suffers a crippling on-set "accident" following an interview in which she claims responsibility for everything from story arcs to the show's set lighting, there will probably be far too many suspects to make any charges stick.