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So we spent all day yesterday waiting for New York magazine's new website. Something was coming, clearly, something good. Mediaweek wrote about the big redesign. New York web geeks were clearly so focused on it they couldn't post the new issue to the site. The mag's communications chief promised it was coming in the afternoon. And, yet, nothing.

"We want this to become a site that people visit daily and maybe even hourly," EIC Adam Moss told Mediaweek. "One mission [of the relaunch] is to be a Web site that has its own life. It has a relationship with the magazine but is not identical."

That's major, heady stuff Moss is describing. And when we woke up this morning and there was still no site — and none of this week's content on the old site — we realized that this relaunch was so immense, so world-shaking that it simply couldn't be built overnight.

So you can imagine our excitement when the new site, with this week's mag content, finally — finally! — appeared sometime around 9ish this morning. (With, we must say, a pleasantly light and airy new look.) We then immediately clicked "We've redesigned our site; take a look around," eager to learn what makes this Rome-wasn't-built-in-a-day overhaul so significant, and how clever Moss was building a site that has a relationship with the magazine but isn't the magazine. And what did we learn?

There's some new navigation. And now you can adjust the type size.


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