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We'd like, if we may, to direct your attention north of our fair city for just a moment, to New York's 19th Congressional District. It stretches from the New Jersey border to the Connecticut border over parts of Putnam, Orange, Dutchess, and Westchester counties, covering upstate arts mecca Beacon, Edna's Edibles hometown Peekskill, and Mt. Kisco, the birthplace of Arthur Sulzberger Jr. We didn't bother to look up the incumbent, or his or her party, or who has what chances of victory in the upcoming midterm elections.

All we'd like to point out is that John Hall is running in the Democratic primary for that seat. And that John Hall was the lead singer of the band Orleans. And that Orleans is best known for its classic "Still the One." (Yeah, that song. You know it.) And that, as a Wonkette reader noted, the skinny, bare-chested, bearded dude in the center of the above very homoerotic album cover could well be a member of our state's congressional delegation.

Which makes us realize how little we'd like to see Jerry Nadler in that same pose.

John Hall for Congress [Offical site]