In the clip above, 2013 Miss Venezuela First Runner-Up Wi May Nava describes the plastic surgery she underwent to compete in pageants (boob and nose jobs). She also talks about the piece of mesh that she has sewn to her tongue so that she can't eat solid foods (this description, btw, took place before she won her runner-up title). We've come so far as a species from The Real World L.A. when Tami had her jaw wired shut for the same effect.

This clip comes from a special that aired in the U.K. last night called Secrets of South America: Extreme Beauty Queens. Nava got her thinspiration from a wispy, direct-to-video horror movie villain of a man named Osmel Sousa, the president of the Miss Venezuela pageant. Sousa is also the host of a reality show, in which women compete to be in the pageant. Key Sousa advice: "If you faint like a beauty queen, get up like one." He said this to a contestant who had fainted for exactly the reason why any aspiring beauty queen faints: because she's fucking hungry.

He also thinks that all feminists are "Ugly Betties" and is surprised when Secrets of South America host Billie JD Porter identifies herself as one. She still seems to find him endearing, regardless.