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Not seconds after the Oscar nominees' names escaped Mira Sorvino's quivering lips at dawn (we dutifully woke ourselves up at 5:15 to catch the live announcement, then promptly fell back asleep at 5:28 on the couch and missed the entire thing), Hollywood was feeling the shockwaves: George Lucas stared bitterly at the People's Choice Award on his nightstand, pondering how the culmination of a thirty year career managed to bring in a single nod for Best Makeup; Beyonce Knowles immediately shut her eyes, pressed a finger to one ear, and started practicing the vocal hook to Best Song nominee "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp"; and Matt Dillon, presciently booked to appear on the Today Show this morning, approached Katie Couric at the danish table during a commercial break, and playfully asked if the anchor had ever "done it with an Oscar nominee?" followed by, "No, seriously. Wanna?"

The AP has some more nominee reactions:

"My eyes are so covered in tears, I couldn't see half the television. I didn't expect to cry. I thought I would be all right." Terrence Howard, best actor nominee for "Hustle & Flow." [...]

"I guess I'll go have a drink. I don't think my year could get much better." Paul Giamatti, best supporting actor nominee for "Cinderella Man."

Poor Paul Giamatti has obviously put last year's tragic Sideways snubbing behind him, and it's probably best that he remain blissfully unaware of the grand piano that's going to mysteriously fall from the sky above the Kodak Theater to grind his optimistic bones into the red carpet just minutes before the ceremony.