So apparently there's this big football game coming up on Sunday. (We know this now, because there was concern it could somehow scuttle our brunch plans.) As part of Gawker Media's new video initiative, jocky little brother Deadspin has enlisted failed Oddjacker A.J. Daulerio, armed him with a DV cam, and shipped him out to Detroit and Super Bowl XL. For FULL VIDEO COVERAGE! Yay.

Of course, Deadspin did not arm Daulerio with, say, game tickets or press passes or anything like that. We imagine the idea, then, is to enjoy watching that lovable scamp Daulerio try to find, you know, anything to file video reports about.

So far, he's got a riveting report on a taxi ride.

Yes, the blog revolution is an awesome thing to behold.

Live at SBXL: Hello Detroit! [Deadspin]