'Sun' Adopts Innovative New You-Know-You-Want-It Circ Strategy

A few weeks ago we reported a new marketing-and-circ chief at the little rightwing paper that could, The New York Sun. Apparently, he's hard at work targeting the paper's natural neighborhood, the Upper East Side. We received this report this morning:

I live in a small, non-doorman, elevator building on the UES. For about the past week or so, every morning a copy of The New York Sun has been deposited on the floor outside my door. Same thing at my neighbors' doors. It has a printed subscription-type label on it with my correct full name and address. I did not order a subscription or a free trial of this newspaper and haven't given the matter much thought as I kick it inside my apartment every morning on my way out the door (other than that my paper recycling is piling up). This morning, there was a note posted on my neighbor's door: "Please do not leave copies of the NY Sun at my door." What is going on with this unsolicited campaign? Don't they know that no one reads this crap? One bonus: My cat threw up on it this morning... great aim, kitty!

Shit. Did someone steal the Gawker Media Cat?

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