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In an inspired pairing of two perpetually annoying things that seemingly refuse to go away, Britney Spears will be making her scripted, primetime TV debut on an upcoming episode of Will & Grace, following in the illustrious footsteps of such gay pop icons as Madonna and Janet Jackson, who also used the series to showcase their complete lack of comic timing:

In what will be Britney s first primetime television episodic appearance, she guest-stars as a Christian conservative sidekick to Jack (Sean Hayes) on the episode Jack Talk, set to air on Thursday, April 13.

In the episode, when Out TV is bought by a Christian Television Network, Spears is brought on to be Jack s new religious co-host until Will (Eric McCormack) and Jack loosen her up.

Contingent to Spears' appearance was the requisite cameo role for husband Kevin Federline, whose single "PopoZao" (our Portuguese is limited, but we think it translates roughly as "Daddy is Stoned,") is currently the most downloaded song on Set reports have Britney in good shape, though a jittery K-Fed has been spotted endlessly running through his single line as Starbucks Barista #2, a crucial bit of dialogue which sets up Sean Hayes' hysterically innuendo-laced punchline to follow. You'd be amazed how many different ways one can deliver the three words, "Room for milk?"

UPDATE: A million little Britney corrections after the jump.

We stand corrected. A reader informed us that Britney appeared as herself on episode of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch in 1999, making that turn as delightful comic foil to Melissa Joan Hart her primetime, scripted TV debut. Also, a beloved character from The Simpsons (or at least a reader masquerading as such) sent us this further correction:

Britney Spears previously guested on a 2000 episode of "The Simpsons," where an award-show kiss from her caused a fatal heart attack to the oldest Springfieldian. Rumor has it that she also is a regular uncredited guest on the show as "Brandine," the common-law wife of Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel.

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