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Our brains are incredibly freyed (fuck, we were trying not to do that) from all the James Frey coverage, even if it is partially our own fault. Nevertheless, our attention has been drawn to a posting on Oprah's message boards. It's a few days old, but still worth noting:


I am Allison from MY FRIEND LEONARD, James girlfriend from Virginia who moved with him to Los Angeles. I have met Leonard, Miles and many other characters talked about throughout the books. James "Jaime" and I dated for a year and a half. I knew him in college as well. I also know without a shadow of a doubt that Jaime was an addict. Also, he was an addict who kicked his addiction with much determination and will power. The stories in which I am included in or know of in both of Jaime's books are true. Certainly there are details of events that I might remember slightly differently- but all memories are subject to a person's own interpretation. For example, a memory I have of you, we met by the way in Los Angeles- you did a show with The House of Style that shot in LA. I worked on your show as a PA- and you treated me with zero respect or compassion or kindness. But, perhaps this is my memory and only my interpretation of you?

Oh, SMACK! Will Allison rip out Oprah's special Frey-whipping weave? After the jump, more of where that came from.

I understand your confusion about the various interpretations of events in James s book, but the extent to which you have personally assassinated his character has been taken too far. I also realize your embarrassment for not knowing about the embellished stories, until they were brought to your attention by various media. However, the lack of investigative fact checking on your and your producers end is no one s fault but your own. You have taken what is essentially a blow to your ego and pride ( I feel duped ), to a whole new degree -public humiliation. James did not molest or murder anyone, he simply told his story. Also, whether it s a memoir or fiction, did you for one moment think of all the people he was helping and now where you have left them? Or was your pride so hurt that you could only see from your own perspective of "How does this make ME look?" You defended James in the beginning for the right reason- his book was essentially true- he was an addict who kicked it- and he was and had helped thousands of people. I think making a public statement and moving on would have been sufficient, rather than the tar and feather episode that you aired on your show yesterday. I was also embarrassed for a few of the journalists who appeared. They were petty and obnoxious. It was shameful. They should be mortified. Their remarks that you aired were so very Jerry Springerish. As the one guest did comment, "this makes for good television." And you, Oprah, to be so spiteful, patronizing and mean!

Coming Forward and Ashamed of—OPRAH [Oprah]