Where did Larry Ellison's money go?

What happened to the toys that made Larry Ellison's accountant cry? Some got saved, some got sold:

1) Lifestyle - annual $20m — Still spending the big bucks, according to Vanity Fair's October 2005 feature.

2) Interest accrual - annual $75m — Unless Ellison starts selling Oracle stock instead of buying it, how will he pay that bill?


3) Villa in Japan - $25m — According to ongoing construction plans, "the cluster of wooden houses," says VF, "should look like a village." A very expensive village.


4) New yacht - $194m - over 3 yrs — Ellison tells Vanity Fair about his new yacht Rising Sun, "It's really only the size of a very large house."

5) America's Cup - $80m - over 3 yrs — Still ongoing, though it's rumored that Larry's giant yacht couldn't fit into America's Cup harbors.

6) UAD - 12m over 3 yrs — What is this, anyway?

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