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The deadline for Academy members to cast their votes might be weeks away, but we're ready to call one of the races right now. And the Oscar for Most Disingenuous Quote In Response To An Awards Snub goes to...Harvey Weinstein, for Proof, as he tells the NY Observer:

Proof is one of my favorite movies and Gwyneth gave one of the best performances I’ve ever seen,” Harvey Weinstein e-mailed yesterday. “I’m really disappointed she was not nominated.”

Weinstein loved Proof so much that he sat on it for over a year before finally putting it out on his way out at Miramax, making it an especially cherished element of the touching "See You In Hell, Disney!" fruitbasket that included cinematic masterworks The Brothers Grimm, The Great Raid, and The Underclassman. Nothing says, "Love your work, Gwynnie" like a token release at the tail end of a messy divorce.