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Geeks don't listen to the radio. They pop podcasts onto their ipods for the morning commute. So the best Silicon Valley news naturally comes on mp3, not FM. Here's a rundown of three of this week's tech podcasts, all hosted by alpha-geeks from the Bay Area.

This Week in Tech: Episode 40, Yellow Lasers stars Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, hacker Kevin Mitnick, Wozniak co-worker Alan Fielding, and Call for Help co-host Amber MacArthur, as well as the usual TWIT crew led by Leo Laporte. Mitnick is fairly tolearable throughout — which is a bonus with that guy. But he and the other Twits waste time on small-talk, prompting John C. Dvorak to keep them on the list. Not as fun as the recent show recorded at Macworld, but still worth a listen.

Gillmor Gang: Captain Crunchberry Gang feels like a grandpa's version of TWIT — same subjects, but hella slow. And please, Steve Gillmor, stop doing intros. I feel like I'm playing R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet," and it's just so awful that I can't...stop...listening.

Dave Winer's blog, Scripting News, includes sporadic podcasts. Today's is a typical example — Dave putters around and doesn't apologize for leaving all his pauses, verbal commas, and recording mishaps in the finished product. So there's a personal, if aggravating, touch to it. If you really feel like you need Dave Winer talking to you for a half hour, then go ahead. It's kind of impressive to hear him think out loud, especially when he discusses the older blog process of starting each day with a blank web page.
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