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The canny execs at Showtime have co-opted the popular trend among The Gays of "fan fiction" wherein viewers write fantasy episodes of TV shows in which the characters give in to their deepest, lustiest, same-sex inclinations (ex: The OC's Seth and Ryan doing the naked jacuzzi). In their official L Word version of fanfic, viewers are invited to submit scenes for a special "fanisode" (translation: it will be a frosty Friday in lesbian hell before this thing makes it to air), and since most of the show's characters are already bed-hopping sisters of Sappho, half the work's already done for them! The illustration above from the official site is not, as we initially thought, a visual representation of a woman's reproductive cycle, but instead a simplification of the contest's rules, with the multicolored figures in the center representing "L Word Fans" (yes, they all appear to be the men's room symbol, but lesbians don't wear skirts, sorry).