Shawn Fanning's post-Napster anti-diet

I'm sure I'll burn in hell for this, since I don't need to count calories to keep my girlish figure — but isn't it time someone shared some diet-tip files with Shawn Fanning?

Or maybe it's a Napster fan's curse coming true:

So what was all your talk about supporting Napster in the fight for 'Net freedom??? You are pathetic! I hope you will spend your money from the sale on a whole lot of fat food so you will dye (sic) of a heart attack before reaching 40!!! Shame on you! As if Napster is the only program out there ...

Fanning's weight story — with pics — after the jump.


LA Times, 2000:


"Fun, early on, was going to 24 Hour Fitness at 2 in the morning," Fanning said. "If I could get enough work done during the day, I would reward myself by going to the gym."

Shawn Fanning's post-Napster anti-diet

SF Chronicle, 2004:

Shawn Fanning's post-Napster anti-diet

Flickr, 2005:

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