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We never thought that the subject of Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora's impending divorce would come up again, expecting that they would quickly return to looking for a new role as Struggling Series Saving Bitch and drowning their relationship sorrows in groupies with sagging "Slippery When Wet" tattoos, respectively, and disappear from the celebrity newswire. Unfortunately, once the announcement that Locklear had filed divorce papers was made yesterday, someone forgot to tell Sambora that his marriage was over (on paper, at least):

More than an hour after Locklear's publicist spread the word that their 11-year-marriage was kaput, the Bon Jovi guitarist told ABC News Radio in an exclusive interview that things were fine at home.

"It's completely untrue," he insisted, adding that he had Valentine's Day plans with his wife.

It's a good thing that the press got around to tipping him off that his V-Day date was broken, lest he go on blissfully unaware of the bad news. No one wants to find himself tangled in their red silk sheets on February 15th, surrounded by candles melted down to their bases and bottles of unopened champagne bobbing in their buckets, awoken by the sound of the cleaning lady vaccuuming up the trail of rose petals still waiting to lead the wife who's never showing up back to their bedroom.