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You've been in this situation countless times: You've just labored through a meeting with some blank-faced NBC development people who are convinced that your brilliant idea "doesn't smell like a show," and, pacing the cold streets of Burbank, you're surprised to see that the frustrating encounter has made you visibly aroused. Covering up your unexpected tumescence with a copy of that day's Variety, you wonder where you can go for for relief. Never again shall you beat off in frustration in the Peacock's parking garage:

GLORY HOLE NOW OPEN IN BURBANK NEAR NBC - 24 The perfect COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS set up. My living room at my home in Burbank. You sit in a chair in front of a doorway that is covered by a sheet. I lift the sheet up onto your lap and start deep throating your cock. You don't see me, I don't see you. No one ever has to know you were here. Awesome cock sucking for all kinds of guys.

We think this service is going to be such a hit that NBC should seriously consider installing their own sheet-and-chair relief services in a janitorial closet in their building.