How do you feed an army of Googlers? One Fruit Loop at a time. A tipster shows the bounty of snacks that keep developers munching all day. Kinda reminiscent of youth group rec rooms.

Sure, the catering at Google is legendary, but it's the snack rooms that blew me away - forget Microsoft's free sodas, they got Wholefoods size bins of fruitloops and m&m's for free. It's like the dotcom boom never ended. I'm amazed they can walk to their cars at the end of the day - I fully expect a Google Infarct Room to be opened within two years. Here's a picture:

Google snack rooms

Clicky for a full view of the candy store.


And for Google foodies who haven't enjoyed it yet, the classic Google Food Photo Blog shows food Brett Lider has eaten at Google. In a sort of high-school-biology-class way, it's comforting to imagine all that food being cataloged before it is ingested into the Google biosphere.

Send your own Google food sightings to Bonus points for action shots.


Google snack rooms

Digg people: god, you're quick to find stuff. Wisdom of crowds, and all that. Wondering how Googlers work off all that junk food? ABC points out the Google exercycles in their visit just a few weeks ago. For more Google tidbits — Larry Page's secret love, Sergey Brin in drag, the Google-Yahoo bussing wars, among other items — click here. You can also subscribe to our Valleywag Google feed.

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