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It's unlike Sunday Styles to actually contain some news you can news — as opposed to news that is utterly impractical and useless, and which you love to hate or hate to love. But yesterday the Times reporter formerly known as Jodi Wilgoren finally explained everything:

Meet Our New Name

WHAT'S in a name? The new one my husband, Gary (formerly Ruderman), and I (formerly Wilgoren) adopted has three letters from his father's father's father and four letters from my patrilineal ancestors or perhaps from the imagination of some anonymous clerk at Ellis Island.

It's just a made-up moniker, but it is made up of our commitment to equality, with a nod to family history and a dash of out-of-the-box creativity. Most important, it is a name we share and will share with our potential offspring. To me there is no sound so sweet.

It's also a sound, according to the article, she's been hearing since Jan. 13, when a Chicago Chancery Judge approved the switch. Which means that as much as we'd like to say mazel tov, what we actually must say is: You couldn't have told us this news a few Sundays earlier?

Meet Our New Name [NYT]
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