Super Bowl Ads: Brown, Bubbly, and Grossed Out

Not that we ever much care about the Super Bowl, but it was particularly hard to care about it last night, when two irrelevant-to-us cities faced off. (Ultimately, we decided to root for Pittsburgh, on aesthetic grounds. We appreciate that they stick with the proudly old-school insignia, while the Seahawks go the woefully overused streamlined-animal route.) Mostly, then, the night was for two things: Commercials, and food.

Our quick take on the commercials: FedEx cavemen: funny; CareerBuilder apes: funnyish, but it must suck as a jobs site if the dude still works with monkeys a year later; Bud and Bud Light: reasonably funny; Gillette: sucked; Burger King: freaky; American Mortgage, or something: funny, but we have no idea what was being advertised. Finally, Diet Pepsi: What the fucking fuck? Diddy recording a song with a can of Diet Pepsi? Jackie Chan making a movie with a can of Diet Pepsi? "Brown and bubbly"? Brown and bubbly"?! What's amazing is that someone was actually paid — probably quite handsomely — for that tagline.

The food, on the other hand, was delicious. Beers and delicious sandwiches and homemade nachos and all sorts of other stuff. All after a daylong brunch of eggs and bagels and lox and cupcakes. Ultimately, we got home happy. And also just in time. Why just in time? Well, um, let's just say: Brown and bubbly.


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