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So you know those caricatures of Mohammed, originally published in a Danish newspaper and recently reprinted through Europe? The ones causing all the protests and mobs? The ones The Associated Press refuses to circulate to member papers? The ones that prompted the State Department spokeman to say, "We find them offensive, and we certainly understand why Muslims would find these images offensive"? (We thought part of that whole spreading-Democracy idea would include, say, pointing out that free speech is a good thing and cartoon-based arson is a bad thing. But, then, we're not Republicans, so clearly we misunderstand.) Well, once again, it's Bucky Turco to the rescue. Where the AP won't go, Bucky boldly will. Wanna see the toons that launched a thousand riots? Head over to Bucky's Flickr.

No need to mention we sent you.

Muhammed Cartoons [Animal Magazine's Flickr]