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Robrt Scoble says he's sick of Flickr-style *r names like Grabbr and retrievr and gtalkr (and talkr and flagr and Bloggr and gabbr and Frappr). But should the Microsoft bloggr be kindr in his dismissal?

What we're seeing hre is not a voluntary choice but a sevre letter shortage. Even crtain individuals, immrsed in the fast-paced tech univrse, have suffred a lack of r-preceding lettr "e"s. Esther Dyson has been hit so hard by the rcession that she downsized hr Flickr name to "Esthr." The emrgent tech philosophr made spelling cuts throughout hr Flickr feed, titling photos "my dinnr with Pierre," "view from my room - the morning aftr," and "true colrs." Truly a bloggr in povrty.

Valleywag readrs are urged to donate "e"s to needy trendoids. By cutting "e"s and passing on the credits to these Web 2.0 victims, you too can be a hro.


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