Copyranter calls our attention to a house ad in Friday's Times:

This image was lost some time after publication.

Ooh! That sounds fun! Let's all tell Tom Friedman what we think. We'll go first. Tom, we think...

• David Remnick has really made The New Yorker better, but sometimes a little boring.
• Brad Pitt is a jerk.
• Charlie Rose is full of shit.
• Jack Bauer is the greatest American ever.
• Ben Roethlisberger is kinda cute.
• It's beautifully sunny today
• A bit warmer would be nice, too.
The Colbert Report is overrated.
• We probably ought to drink less.
• Nick Kristof should grow a moustache, too.
• It would be swell to have a pony.

Now your turn. Comment away...

Tommy, I think about sex. A lot. [Copyranter]