Oh man, ABC is just TOO GOOD. Sorry to pull a week-old video out, but it's worth it, starting from frame one. Video on top, commentary after the jump.

You see that "Worst Job Ever" desktop search result? Yeah? That's the sign of unlimited hilarity to come. Click the jump link and share three minutes of crazy-go-nuts.

For those of you who haven't used Desktop Search, that multicolored swirl is its logo. Looks like someone at ABC is getting jealous of the Google employees. (Okay, it's probably just this video. Still.)

People getting fired:
Guys playing Space Invaders. This is a Q*Bert establishment and you are LOOSE CANNONS.
Woman playing piano. She just plays the first line of "Somewhere, Over the Rainbow" over, and over, and over, for her entire "20% time."
Volleyball player. Not for any clever reason. Just, dude, do a little work.

Larry says, "We thought it was really important, as Google grows in scope and influence on the world, to have a philanthropic part of the company." Does he mean that philanthropic part he stopped funding?

Hey, it's John Battelle! Anyone else think the author of The Search looks like a strong-jawed Andy Richter? Yeah? Totally.

Bob Woodruff is about to tell us something new and cool when BAM, the clip ends. Seeya next time.

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