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A first viewing of this Maddox Jolie tattoo, inspired by the pic at left and inked onto the forearm of some guy in Texas, resulted in a queasy feeling that an A-list child abduction was about to go down. However, we quickly realized that this is not a mere ransom note that will need to be lasered off before a kidnapping trial, but a celebration of our society's foremost celebrity refugee and his infectious let-the-good-times-roll, sure-my-mom-is-nuts- but-I-still-like-the-fucking-mohawk-OK? attitude. Soon, this image of young Maddox will supplant the eternally urinating Calvin as the standard icon of rebelliousness on countless mudflaps and window stencils across the country, prompting his mother, equal measures sad at the loss and happy to begin the hunt for a new adoptee on the cutting-edge of cool, to abandon the overexposed toddler in the line at a truck-stop Hardee's.

[Photo: Getty Images]