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Another bit on the JT Leroy mess: In addition to today's Times article, in which Geoffrey Knoop comes forward and claims that his partner Laura Alpert is the real JT Leroy (to reiterate: duh), New York makes mention of Geoffrey Knoop possibly shopping around a tell-all of his side of the story. This would coincide nicely with any sort of romantic issues Knoop and Alpert are rumored to be going through, though none of the legal-types involved with the Leroy/Albert/Knoop trifecta of bullshit claim to know anything about a book or a breakup.

What we hear, however, is that Knoop is penning something for Vanity Fair. That seems a hell of a lot more likely than a book deal, perhaps because no one could stomach more than 3000 words from the dude.

JT Leroy's Fake Dad Shops Tell-All [NYM]
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