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Damn, looks like the hate's on Lloyd today. An attendee from the Yahoo Media Group head's TEG speech says,

I swear to you Lloyd looked as if he had just snorted coke before he went on. he brushed his nose at least 8 times during his speech, and had tourette's like facial twitches the whole time. I talked to others present, and they came independently to the same conclusion. He said he hadn't slept or eaten either and made all kinds of self revealing comments about how he kinda neglects his kids.

Much as we love our tipsters, we've got to pour a little cold water on this particular report. It's a little too easy to assume that any Hollywood executive must by definition be a cokehead. Just like people assume that Silicon Valley geeks over-indulge in the free snack rooms. Lloyd Braun may indeed have looked like he was on coke. But see the comments for an innocent explanation.

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