Oh noes! Could Silicon Valley's anonyblogger be an imposter? Is the Valleywag vs. Sand Hill Slave interview worthless? Bernie Cohen writes in an e-mail titled "Is Sand Hill Slave 4 real?":

The so-called Sand Hill Slave claims that Sand Hill Road is no closer than 40 miles to any body of water.

(while dissing Ticonderoga Capital)"...You name your firm after a fort that was...renamed after an Iroquois term meaning "Land between two waters" and your address is on Sand Hill Rd., Approximately [sic] 40+ miles away in any direction from bodies of water..."

-Sand Hill Slave http://www.sandhillslave.com/journal/

Now how is Sand Hill Road not within 40 miles of any body of water? Either the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay don't qualify as bodies of water in "her" eyes, or the Sand Hill Slave is a bit of a hoax. Even VC admins are not so spaced out to think that Sand Hill Road is not within 40 miles of any body of water.

Perhaps we will soon see anonymous blogs from VCs dissing their admins. Now *that* would be good. Lots of juicy stories to tell, I'm sure...

So I checked — and apparently there is an ocean to the west. AND A BAY.

This image was lost some time after publication.

Has anyone else missed these bodies of water? Because I was assured before moving here that Silicon Valley was in a landlocked state.

Is Sand Hill Slave anywhere near Sand Hill Road? Did she just forget about the Pacific Ocean? Sometimes that happens.

Is she even a she? Is this Silicon Valley's weak answer to James Frey? More to come in Anonyblogger Scandal News.