Cagey Eisner Won't Second-Guess The New Boss

It seems like retired Disney CEO Michael Eisner has finally discovered a diverting way to spend some of that newfound free time: taunting reporters with potentially controversial comments about his successor's plans, then sullenly yanking away the possibly interesting remark like a child denying his Labrador another sweet bite of a well-chewed Frisbee. From an interview in Australia's The Bulletin:

On the Disney takeover of Pixar, it seems you weren't really keen to go ahead with it when you were Disney CEO. I don't think there's anything about this acquisition that you can find me being quoted about. I really feel that it would be inappropriate. Bob Iger is CEO of the company, the board chose to make that deal, and I support it.

So there's no smoke?
Well, there's smoke, but I'm not going to tell you where the smoke's leading.

What do you mean by that?

One place the smoke is definitely not leading is the secret Steve Jobs Effigy Wing of Eisner's mansion, where dozens of charred likenesses of the Pixar chief quietly smolder, commemorating his now-irrelevant feud with Jobs. Several renegade, mercenary Imagineers are hard at work on easily flammable representations of Bob Iger, whose role in destroying Eisner's cherished pissing-match legacy will be celebrated by a new round of ceremonial scorchings.