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Jeff Weiner isn't the only hottie spicing up Yahoo. Toby Coppel, the surrogate brain of CEO Terry Semel, shows up on Yahoo 360 with his lovely wife. From what a tipster tells me, he really had to lock that down:

Seriously stacked, this woman was. There is an employee directory on the Yahoo corporate intranet. It's called Backyard. You can look up all employees. It has their pictures.

Anyway, some engineer rigged up a way to see whose photo is pulled up the most. Invariably it's some hot chick. Toby's now wife was ALWAYS near the top.

This, by the way, was right after they married.

But my question is, what the hell is her name? 'Cause Toby may have Coldplay, Terry, and Bono tagged, but he doesn't use his wife's name once. Not in a single photo of the beautiful woman. Guy really did lock that down.

So all you Yahoo employees, here's the chance to use those fresh comment accounts. Name Toby Coppel's hot wife!

By the way, can someone donate this Yahoo executive a Flickr pro account? Maybe that'd get him to pay attention.

Update: Tipster says it's Sharon B. "And yes, she was stacked like you wouldn't believe - and wore tight sweaters to prove it."

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