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In this ultra-fashionable edition of the Stalk: Colin Farrell and Serena Williams, Mariah Carey almost mows down a Stalker on a golf cart, Adam Brody, Tom Ford, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard, Claire Danes, Peter Sarsgaard again, John C. Reilly, Sandra Bernhardt, Paul Rudd, Julianne Moore, Julianna Margulies, Todd Oldham, Calvin Klein, Paris Hilton and Janice Dickinson denied Fashion Week entry, Alan Cumming, Ashanti, Jamie Lynn Siegler & JC Chasez, Naomi Campbell, Nicole Richie, Alex and Diane Von Furstenberg, Brandon Davis, Harvey Weinstein. Nicky Hilton, Fabian Basabe, Dita von Teese, Tommy Hilfiger, Bruce Willis, Sean Connery, Keri Russell, Soon-Yi Previn and daughter Bechet, Rachel Dratch, Joan Jett, Tatum O Neal, Steve Van Zandt, and perennial Stalker-Closer Wayne Knight.

Juicy sighting last night at Bar Pitti: Colin Farrell waiting for a table with goddess Serena Williams, looking hooker-divine in a knee-length white fur coat. She seemed content to wait for a table like everybody else; she also seemed like she could kick Colin's Hudson Jean-swaddled ass to Staten Island.

The other day, my friend was lugging her law school books across the Columbia quad. All of a sudden, a golf cart came charging through campus; as she jumped to avoid being mowed down, she caught a glimpse of the bitch behind the wheel Mariah Carey. Mimi was shooting a video in one of the Ivy's hallowed halls; according to my friend, it was one of the particularly ugly ones. Mariah looked the part in a purple halter-top, purple fur shrug and orange skin.

Saw Adam Brody at Milk & Honey last night (Monday night) with a couple of guys (though there might have been a girl or something, it's pretty dark... plus being gay, girls don't really stand out so much in the memory.) His facial expressions are kind of awkward in a not charming way... he kind of reminds me of a young Regis Philbin, though I m not sure that Regis Philbin was ever young...

2/7 saw Tom Ford in the Conde lobby by the elevators. That man is SEX on legs, hot hot hot. Wearing his usual black suit, white shirt (no sunglasses) with a very attractive woman. Tried to get on the elevator with him but as soon as the door opened, he got on and all the queens and fashionistas ran on to be next to him. That man is hot.

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard at Babbo Sat. night, waiting by the bar before getting a table around ten. Maggie s taller and thinner than I had thought.

I went to Bellevue Hospital's Reach Out and Read benefit last night and saw Claire Danes, Peter Sarsgaard, John C. Reilly, Sandra Bernhardt, Paul Rudd and Julianne Moore and her husband. They read children's books for the benefit, which was cute and funny. Claire was very pretty (as one would expect) and very nice. Paul Judd was shorter than I expected. John C. Reilly is really great, too very funny and approachable.

As I was snooping around Bryant Park during my lunch break today (2/7) I saw Julianna Margulies walking between tents. She told the crowd that gathered around her that she was on her way to the Chaiken show. She has flawless skin and seems very friendly. I also saw a Baldwin brother I think it was Alec making his way between the tents. He was unshaven & wearing a black suit.

Caught a double threat at tonight's Abigail's Party. First, Todd Oldham (who was incredibly polite when he squeezed past me to get to his seat) with another guy and then entirely separate from fashionist #1, none other than fashionista #2, Calvin Klein with a lady friend (both of whom ducked out just before the intermission, which was sort of a good move).

While hanging out by the front entrance of the Heatherette show I saw Paris Hilton try to get in. She was late and they turned her away. I knew it was the real one as she exited a black SUV and had two big bodyguards. Five minutes later Janice Dickinson tried to get in and was turned away, too. Leaving by the back door I saw Alan Cumming, Ashanti, Jamie Lynn Siegler & JC Chasez, and Naomi Campbell.

Last night at the Knicks vs. Clippers game, my roommate and I saw Nicole Richie dancing to "Cotton Eye Joe" in her courtside seat. Ironically, Fat Joe, who also attended the game, did not dance.

Alex Von Furstenberg s 36th birthday at Double 7's was quite the party: mommy Diane VF, Brandon Davis with some model looking girl, Harvey Weinstein with a gaggle of models, Nicky Hilton looking not so bad, and of course Fabian Basabe making a special appearance.

This morning (02/08) I had the pleasure of seeing Dita von Teese! She's not the most famous celebrity I've seen, but one of the more exciting, because she is such a character. It was around 9am on Houston and Mercer, and she was as glamorous (and beautiful) looking as always, wearing stockings with the line up the back and a trenchcoat pulled tightly around her little waist. Her makeup and hair looked the same as usual. She was with a blonde friend who hailed them a cab, so I didn't get to stalk her for long. She's such a badass, I couldn't help but feel inferior in my femininity when next to her.

Was at Don Hill's last night (2-8) for a pretty terrible Fashion Week party and Tommy Hilfiger was there, buzzing around like someone's annoying little brother.

Bruce Willis last night at Gaetana's on Christopher & Greenwich. He's filming a movie around the corner. Bruce gave a pretty enthusiastic high-five to the bartender Frankie. Guess he's just one of the guys.

Walking uptown on Sunday (2/5), I stopped at the corner of 64th and Lex to look left for oncoming traffic. Bam! Standing 3 inches from my shoulder was Sean Connery. Tall, wearing an olive-colored overcoat and an Irish walking hat moviestar all the way. Exciting too was the happenstance of walking in lockstep with him from that corner up to Hunter College at 68th. Double Bonus: Two 20-something women (coincidentally British) turned around and asked him if he was, in fact, Sean Connery.

Saw Keri Russell Friday night (2/3) in the West Village. We were leaving Alta on W. 10th as she was standing outside, perusing the menu with a guy (friend-type, and not Scott Speedman, unfortunately). Guess they liked what they saw, because they entered the restaurant—but not before my sister and I told her what huge fans we are of Felicity. She was gracious and even seemed shy. And because everyone else has asked: her hair was slightly past her shoulders and mildly wavy, a la the final season of Felicity (don't even pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about).

I recently took my little sister for a haircut at Cozy's Cuts for Kids on Madison Ave. and 84th Street. I swear, every time I walk into one of Cozy's three locations, I see the child of a celebrity (accompanied by their parent). I most recently spotted Soon-Yi Previn and her daughter, Bechet, who came into the salon to have her daughter's hair cut. The stylist at the salon said that Soon-Yi was very nice and her daughter watched the movie Kim Possible while she had her hair cut.

Just saw Rachel Dratch walking down 19th Street wearing an ugly fluorescent pink blazer and, in a move that defies all explanation, carrying a rocking chair. And I swear it wasn t a homeless person. It actually was Rachel Dratch.

LaGuardia to Detroit, Friday, February 3, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts! I didn't pay much attention to her band, but Joan looked super hot. At first I didn't think it could be her cause she looks really, really young! Ink black hair. Ferocious mullet. She is still my hero.

Saw Tatum O'Neal Sunday at my local Tribeca diner and no, I don't mean Bubby's an actual no-frills budget diner. She was lunching with a cute high school-ish kid her son, I assume. Even though we're not talking traditional celebrity hangout territory here, I'd advise against the wrinkly highwater pants and clogs combo. Not her best look. My boyfriend insists she gave him the eye; I say I don't know if that's necessarily something to brag about.

Ok not sure if this counts or not. For me it was more the circumstance than who I was actually seeing which made this somewhat stalker-worthy: Last night (2/8) at about midnight, wandering around Union Square trying to find a diner, we walked into the twilight zone that is University Restaurant. There was no one else there but they claimed to be open. After sitting there for a few minutes, who walks in but Steven Van Zandt, looking super puffy. The bandana was the first tip-off, but I had to just about do a quadruple-take before I figured out it was definitely him. That plus the fact that after he declared that he wanted some Smart Start and Pancakes or Waffles (not sure which, but there was def. syrup involved) he sat down and began to loudly talk on his cell phone about having more time off now that they had finished the last two episodes of the Sopranos. All the while denying the fact that he was a "movie star," as alleged by the crazy blonde waitress. Shortly after his order came up he left in his small black car (so sue me, I m not an auto expert). So, so weird.

Saw Wayne Knight shopping at the Food Emporium in Union Square Tuesday evening at 7pm, looking much thinner than usual.