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Josh Quittner wants his wife in fancy lingerie. According to her New York Times shopping column, the Business 2.0 editor begged Michelle Slatalla to wear something with "suspenders and satin bows and more truss work than the Eiffel Tower." Josh was denied this pleasure, and Michelle chose more sensible options (and blogged the less sensible).

But what does Josh wear down there? New York may care about Michelle Slatalla's underwear, but it's her husband's undies that Silicon Valley wants to get into (um, metaphorically). Good thing he has Instant Messenger.

Valleywag: You're used to your wife writing about your undies discussions with her?

Josh: I encourage it.
Josh: It keeps the marriage fresh.

Valleywag: So did you two talk about YOUR underwear?

Josh: It's not really a Styles column. Go figure.

Valleywag: Then you have the perfect forum here to discuss your own.
Valleywag: Boxers or briefs, Josh?

Josh: Boxers, of course
[Josh types something but erases it.]

Valleywag: no, go on

Josh: This seems to be overstimulating for you. And i refuse to go on unless you PAY ME.

Since Valleywag has a strict policy of being cheap, the interview had to end.

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