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Last time we checked in with Forbes media columnist James Brady — the Parade celeb-swaddler, Page Six creator, and longtime Murdoch factotum — he was, rather generously, praising Bonnie Fuller's "successful" stint at AMI and spinning the time Conde Nast fired her as Bonnie's own decision to leave. This week, prompted by a Romenesko link, we were curious to see what MPA chairman Jack Kilger had done to get Brady to swallow his spiel — magazines have turned the corner! advertisers love them again! — as much as he'd bought into Bon-Bon's blather.

But we couldn't get that far into the piece, waylaid as we were by the lede. To wit:

The new chairman of the Magazine Publishers of America, Jack Kliger — born in Italy to a couple of young Holocaust survivors rescued by the Jewish Brigade — could be the stuff of magazine cover stories.

The stuff merely of cover stories? No way. This is the stuff of a John Hughes opening scene: Oh, those wild-and-crazy young Holocaust survivors, footloose and fancy-free, traipsing around Europe, having kids (and, presumably, trying to find their incinerated relatives). Transfixed by such a happy daydream — one imagines Ally Sheedy and Judd Nelson as the young survivors — we were never were able to get back to the article.

(Well, except to notice this: It's Le Bernardin, guys.)

Jack Kliger Loves Magazines []