The Wall Street Journal tries to build a scandal from a few blog posts. Some Fon advisors wrote good things about the company, all of them mentioning their advisory roles. Where the hell is the scandal?

Here's the Register of Interests:

NameSiteIn bed withNotes
David WeinbergerJoho the BlogFonHe's all about his involvement. The Cluetrain guy wouldn't cheat readers.
Wendy SeltzerLegal TagsFonFon was on her disclosure page before the WSJ piece. In yesterday's Google cache, the page included mention of payment.
Dan GillmorBayosphereFonSays he's an advisor, says he might get money for the job, and discloses Wendy's involvement too.
Dave WinerScripting.comEdgeioDave giddily discloses his position — Edgeio is his special friend!
Doc SearlsDoc Searls WeblogJabber, Ping, Socialtext, Spikesource, TechnoratiDuring the fallout, Doc put disclosures in his bio to be more transparent. And his transparency wasn't even being questioned.
Robert ScobleScobleizerMicrosoftRobert discloses a ski trip. His Microsoft position is half his claim to fame now — they fully employ him.

Feels like the WSJ is just sniping at bloggers. Rather embarrassing to see them stretch this far. Is there a grudge they're not disclosing?


Incidentally, let's flesh this register out. Which other bloggers are tied to outside interests? Comment or e-mail.

Blog Buzz on High-Tech Start-Ups Causes Some Static [WSJ]