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Talked Chris Coulter down from whatever rare Tasmanian drugs he's on and got another Demo update from him.

You know what's sad, they say 1,500 applied and only 70 accepted, I guess sorta like McDonalds, billions and billions served, with maybe 10,000 digested. And boy, I guess I got some work to do with the 1,430 left.


iodum - "the Web 2.0 personal call management system". I really don't even need to add much more than that; damning praise that. What exactly is Web 2.0 anyways? Someone hand me the Steve Gillmor to English Dictionary please. More like use iodum, need imodium. What's with the return of tech-cutesy 1999-era names anyways?

SproutIt Systems - "Email management software system", umm yeah, so? Lots of established low to middle-tier competitors, what's so jazzing about this upstart? Blogs? Web 2.0? Oh you mean they do "form letter replies which can be customized". And to think people were doing this back in Wordperfect DOS days. Silly them.

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Panoratio Database Images - Wow, another one, with more promises "to bring supercomputer powers to laptop computers", kinda like Wonder Twin Powers? Zap, zap, form of a slow Dell laptop, form of a water-bucket cooled Cray mainframe, shazzzam. And they have been around too, with customers and all, so they run out of money? Need more cash infusion? What's with the Demo trend of non-start-ups? So Demo will become companies with "long-histories-that-you-never-heard-of-that-went-nowhere-and-are-out-of-cash-but-look-so-much-like-start-ups"? Impressive Management Bios, always a doomed tip-off, when the Bios are overshadowing the product, as to say "we are smart", just "trust us". Yeah, well see, there was this thing called the crash, you know. All those impressive Bio pages just went the into the Wayback time-machine, pulling up old Webvan and Kosmo Bio's, laughs a million. Plus the Flash website and pre-fab stock photography look, so very very 1998.

FrontPorch - "a seven-year-old security company" So why they at Demo? I thought Demo was for "start-ups"?? They run outta cash? Whatever, security company, blah blah blah. Seems a more a newfound-feeling raid-the-Homeland-Security-budgets play.

Network Streaming - "Claims affordable tech support over the Internet." Geee, never heard that line before. And "claims", and "delivers" are two differing things. Yet another supposedly established-company posing as a start-up for raw venture cash?