AOL vice chairman Ted Leonsis opens his blog to the public; linking to Jason Calacanis somehow fails to get above Blogebrity's C-list. [Ted's Take via Blogebrity]
How not to answer a job ad: "more details about you gets more details about me." [The Post Money Value]
Oracle fires 2,000 people after its Siebel buyout. Thankfully, they can all live comfortably in Larry Ellison's yacht. [Register]
Sketchiest Suicide Girls description ever: "It's a blogging site for people with awesome tattoos and piercings. You'd be perfect!" He forgot to mention, you know, the porn part. [Niall Kennedy]
Old and busted vs. new hotness [Yahoo on Flickr]:

Remainders: Ted Leonsis exposes his blogRemainders: Ted Leonsis exposes his blog