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The latest news from celeb-mag-land is that Tamara Glenny, the former high-ranking YM editor who joined Bauer's Life & Style Weekly over the summer as executive editor, has just been canned from Bauer's Life & Style Weekly as executive editor. A spy on the Englewood Cliffs beat gives some inside color:

Life and Style Weekly finally took the bit out of the mouth of horsey Brit Tamara Glenny. The executive editor's stint at the Bauer weekly ended Tuesday after just seven months. Staffers were not shocked at the crumb-spitting Glenny's demise who seemed more interested in hearing her own loud "Britt-y" voice and cloddish marching than she was on getting the job done. Glenny didn't seem to get the hint when she was kicked out of her office into a cubicle a month ago either: Upon being let go she told staffers: "it's not because I was doing a bad job or anything." Ummmm, yeah, and we have a bridge to sell ya, T.

We do so love it when celebrity-gossip writers write about each other like they write for their mags.

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