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While not exactly a spoiler (we learned our lesson yesterday, rest assured), a reader emails with a recap of this morning's Project Runway finale, in which the finalists showed their collections to a live audience and a panelist of judges (including guest judge Debra Messing). The corroborated report:

Heidi Klum came out for the introductions, including Debra Messing as the guest judge. After everyone sat down and we were waiting for like 2 minutes with nothing happening, a production lady came out to whisper to Heidi. All of a sudden we hear on the mic, "Are you serious?? Alright everybody, they didn't turn on the cameras so we have to do that again." She laughed the whole thing off. Then she came out again to a bigger applause and was all cute and said "Well that was some welcome," as if it were some private joke between the audience and her.

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Daniel was the first designer, he came out introduced his line and then the models started. His model from the show tripped a little on her way back down the runway.

Kara was next, did the same thing as Dan.

Chloe was the third designer to come out. We were all excited because Heidi said three designers and here were three, so that meant Santino was out. Right? Wrong.

Santino was the last designer to show off his collection. I guess they had to show us all four designers because they didn't want do give anything away (they knew someone would write to gawker). He said, "I'm not just good TV, I'm a good designer." Then he goes, "Where's my mom? mom?" He sounded a little panicked that she wasn't there, but she stood up and waved to him as he went "MY MOTHER'S THE SHIT!" Yeah, dude. That's not gonna air.

This Santino fellow sure sounds like a peach. We don't know anything about the winner, but if you want insight on the actual fashion, a journalist's report is here.